Getting started

IMG Video Archive enables registered users to view, clip, order, download and receive delivery of media via an easily accessible and managed account. It is free to register for an account and access is reserved for business use only and is subject to approval by site administrators.

Please note, we are unable to accommodate personal requests for casual viewing purposes only.

  1. To start, simply click "Register" in the top menu bar and enter your details as requested, including any mandatory fields marked with *
  2. Once submitted, a site administrator will review your account request and you will receive a confirmation email when your account has been activated. Please note, if further details are required to verify or approve your account an IMG representative will get in touch.
  3. Once approved, click "Log In" link from any page on the IMG Video Archive site to start sourcing media for your next project.

If you forget your password, please click the "Forgotten your password" link and a temporary password will be sent to your registered email address.

browsing partner content

IMG Replay exclusively represents footage media rights on behalf of over 30 properties, facilitating access and/or licensing of a vast library of media, both online and offline.

  1. Click on "Sports archive" in the main menu to see a list of content partners.
  2. Use the top filters to find the relevant partner card.
  3. Select the relevant partner card to see more details and access associated online media (if available).
  4. To access available online content, navigate to the Coverage tab and select the desired event*.
  5. Browse dynamic events and match data to easily navigate and identify the desired media to view.
  6. Select the thumbnail or linked data to open the associated media on a record page.
  7. For any content that isn’t available online, please contact one of our Sales execs via the “Contact Us” page.

*Please note, only selected partners currently have media available to browse and access online.

A basic search will use the key term entered to search through a number of metadata fields associated to each archived record and return results on a hitlist page. It is also possible to view all records currently available to view online on the IMG Video Archive platform, simply click the  Search  icon to the right of the search bar.

To perform a basic search;

  1. Enter a search term into the search bar on any IMG Video Archive page.
  2. Click the search icon or hit return on your keyboard.
  3. The results will be returned on a search results page.
  4. Filter the results by the fields (Genre, Sport, Event, Year etc) on the left.
  5. Use the "Sort by" drop down filter to display the results according to the relevant options.
  6. Use the page numbers and the "Next" and "Last" at the top and bottom of the page to browse more pages if more than one page of results is retrieved.
  7. Click on the thumbnail, title or right click to "jump to" search keyword for the record you wish to view.

To perform a more specific search;

  1. "quotation marks" can be used to search for exact phrases only.
  2. OR will retrieve results where either of the words appear in the record metadata.
  3. AND will retrieve only the results that contain both words.
  4. NOT will retrieve results that do contain the search term in the metadata.

To save searches;

  1. Click on the Star icon at the top of the search results page.
  2. Give your saved search a title and click ‘Save’.
  1. Click on the “Advanced Search” heading, button or link.
  2. Enter a search term into the search bar.
  3. Click the search button or hit return on your keyboard.
  4. The results will be returned on a search results page.
  5. Browse through the clips returned or to search deeper into the archive click on the “Filters” button in the top righthand side of the page.
  6. Use our new dynamic filters that will amend results as you select your options. New filtering options here include:
    • Primary & Secondary action
    • Placement
    • Replay
    • Emotion
  7. You can preview the search clips by hovering over the thumbnail and pressing the play icon.
  8. You can adjust the length of the clip you are viewing in the media player by dragging the green in and out points on the green clip line. You can also adjust the clip length in more detail by clicking on the scissor icon.
  9. Once you’re happy with your clip you can add this to your project / timeline by clicking on the boxed plus sign, the working timeline can be viewed at the bottom of the page.
  10. You’re able to add numerous clips to your project / timeline and play them back as one long clip whilst still being able to make adjustments.
  11. To name your project so it’s easy to find in your account, click on the three buttons on your timeline, select save, enter the name of your Project and hit save. Your project will then be saved in your saved projects.
  12. View your saved projects by clicking on the project tab. Here you can click to re-edit saved collections and also add them to your collection space to enable you to order content.
  13. To add your project to your collection space, use the “add to collection” button. Confirm the name & add a description if required before clicking on save.
  14. Your project can then be found in your collection space under “shared with me”.
  15. From here you will be able to order your low res screener or request your high res master content.

viewing media & creating clips

Retrieve results and subsequent records using one of the search methods outlined above or enter a collection containing records by clicking on 'My Collections', managed within  'My Account'. When viewing a record, you can view the media and associated media and metadata, create clips, download screeners and add media to a collection.

To navigate and source your desired clips within the media;

  • Video Player controls can be used to play the media, pause, scrub, mute and enter full screen. Keyboard shortcuts are also available, these can be found by clicking on the Scissor icon and then clicking on the Keyboard icon.
  • Filter by category allows you to filter the 'shot list' to the right of the video player using pre- determined words allowing you to highlight relevant metadata on the media's timeline. Click on the annotation you wish to view.
  • Annotation search allows you to enter a word(s) into the search bar under the annotation list and then hit the Search icon which will return any annotations that contain these words. You can then click on the annotation to view that clip.
  • Emojis can be found on the timeline for some content. These can be clicked on to take you to the specific moment in the video the emoji represents.
  • Frames tab, simply click on the desired frame to play back media from a specific frame in the video player and change the interval to expand or reduce options.

To create clip/s within the media;

  1. Click on the Scissor icon to create your first clip.
  2. Adjust the clip start and end points, using the yellow-bar scroll, keyboard shortcuts, enter the in and out points manually or use the dropdown to select a duration.
  3. Click on the clip name (caption) to rename the clip and click 'SET'
  4. To create multiple clips on the same record, click 'NEW CLIP' and repeat steps 2-3.

Please note, keyboard shortcuts are available to navigate the media and source desired clips with ease. Use Ctrl + Alt + K to view available shortcuts.

To download screeners;

  1. Click "Order Clip for Download" button at the top of the clips section.
  2. You can track your orders under the Bell icon and will receive a notification when your order is ready to download.
  3. Go to 'My Downloads' within 'My Account' to download the screener to your device.

Please note, media under 'My Downloads' expires after 30 days and must be re-ordered to download the media after the expiration date has passed.

  1. For full record screeners, simply select the "Download Media" button above the video player.

To add media to 'My Collections';

  1. Clips, click the "Add Clips to Collection" button at the top of the clips section. Full Record, click the 'Add Full Record to Collection' button at the top of the video player.
  2. Either create a new collection by entering a title and clicking "Create" or select a pre-existing collection from the drop-down list and click "Add record to my collection".

My Account

Under "My Account", you can manage your saved collections within "My Collections", 'Enquire' for media orders and/or licensing and receive orders to download within "My Downloads". The link to update your contact details can also be located under "My Account".

My collections

My Collections can be used to create collections of clips, images and/or full records which are stored together under any given title. Any number of collections can be created and any number of clips, images and/or full records can be added to a collection, you can also save individual notes with each collection.

Please note, it is advised to order by enquiry by media type.

To create a collection;

  1. Retrieve search results containing records you wish to add.
  2. Click "Add to My Collection" underneath the desired record thumbnail.
  3. Either create a new collection by entering a title and clicking "Create" or select a pre existing collection from the list and click "Add record to My Collection".

Once a collection has been created it can be viewed, edited or deleted. To view My Collections (under "My Account");

  1. Click on "My Account" and see the "My Collections" section.
  2. A list of your collections will be displayed by default on the left-hand side of this page, to view a particular collection click on its title. My Collections and My Downloads can be individually moved from left to right aligned as you wish.
  3. Once a full record or a clip (different icons are shown on the media to distinguish) there are the following options;
    • View
    • Remove from my collection
    • Enquire
  4. At a collection level when 1 or more record or clip are placed in an individual collection, there are the following options;
    • View public version (This can be shared with other users.)
    • Edit title
    • Edit description
    • Delete
    • Enquire

My Downloads

My Downloads shows all of the media that each registered user has requested for download. Refresh to ensure all recent requested downloads are shown. To download the file to a chosen location for your use;

  1. A file can only be saved to your location once the requested download has fully processed.
  2. Select Download from the dropdown menu.
  3. Save to your chosen location.

NB. Speed of download will depend on your bandwidth and the length of the requested clip and/or the original record size.