News access

The news never stops, and neither do we. Our News Access team offer news agencies and broadcasters clearance to some of the greatest sporting events, within hours of the action. 

Understanding the fast-paced environment of sports news, our team provides and delivers feeds and premium short form content optimized for both broadcast and digital media platforms. We also provide accreditation for on-site crews and distribute the latest news from sport across the globe. 

Upcoming events

Browse upcoming events in our news access calendar below, featuring some of the world’s leading rights holders.

Download the calendar with all upcoming dates for 2024.

About news access

News Access rights vary from the first 24 hours after a live sporting event, potentially up 72 hours. Each rights holder varies and rules may also vary in each territory or region too. After each news access window has expired, our team is on hand to help license Archive Rights. For a complete list of our partners, browse our sport archives.



License behind the scenes content including interviews, press conferences, training footage and more during the new access window.

Live feeds

live feeds

Access to live feeds to ensure fast and reliable delivery of content worldwide for up to date news programming.



On-site camera crew accreditation, media accreditation and camera crew available for hire at events around the world.