New York Road Runners 2022: License footage from the New York Marathon

10th November 2022

The New York Marathon, organized by the New York Road Runners, is one of the most iconic and celebrated marathons in the world. Held annually, this event draws thousands of runners from around the globe, traversing the five boroughs of New York City in a spectacular showcase of endurance and spirit. From elite athletes to inspirational amateurs, the marathon highlights remarkable stories of personal achievement and communal celebration.

Customers looking to elevate their projects can license footage from our New York Road Runners archive, which offers an extensive collection of high-quality content from past marathons. This archive captures the essence of the event, from exhilarating starts and finishes to the vibrant energy of cheering crowds and scenic routes through New York City's landmarks.

Incorporating this footage into your project can add authenticity and emotional depth, whether you're creating documentaries, commercials, or promotional content. Licensing from our archive ensures access to exclusive visuals that can inspire and engage your audience, enhancing your narrative with the dynamic and inspiring atmosphere of the New York Marathon.

Explore the New York Road Runners archive.