Masters Tournament 2023: John Rahm - Every shot

13th April 2023

Watch every single shot of John Rahm's performance at the 2023 Masters. 

Jon Rahm's triumph at The Masters was a defining moment in golf, highlighting his exceptional skill and unwavering determination. With each swing at Augusta National, Rahm displayed a remarkable combination of precision and composure, navigating the iconic course with grace. His victory underscored years of relentless dedication and hard work, elevating him to the ranks of golf's elite.

In a season frought with controversy Rahm overcame stiff competition from LIV golfer, Brooks Koepka to secure the green jacket. Rahm's win resonated beyond the fairways, inspiring fans and fellow competitors alike with his resilience and tenacity. As he donned the coveted green jacket, Rahm not only secured a place in golfing history but also set a powerful example for aspiring players everywhere.

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