World Rugby 2019: World Rugby Sevens Series

4th March 2019

The 2019-20 World Rugby Sevens Series showcased thrilling matches and fierce competition among the world's top rugby sevens teams. Fiji, New Zealand, and South Africa emerged as frontrunners, with standout performances defining the season.

In the Dubai Sevens, South Africa claimed victory, setting the tone for the series. New Zealand countered with a win at the Cape Town Sevens, showcasing their dominance. Fiji asserted their prowess with a triumphant performance at the Hamilton Sevens, thrilling fans with their flair and speed.

The Sydney Sevens witnessed a thrilling showdown between Fiji and South Africa in the final, with Fiji emerging victorious. However, South Africa's consistent performance throughout the series earned them the overall title, clinching the World Rugby Sevens Series championship for the 2019-20 season.

These key matches and results highlighted the intensity and excitement of sevens rugby, captivating audiences worldwide and solidifying the sport's status as a premier spectacle in the world of rugby.

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