Wimbledon 2021: 5 days to go

21st June 2021

In the buildup to The Championships at Wimbledon, watch the best of the action from over the years. 

IMG's Wimbledon archive is a treasure trove of tennis history, capturing the essence of one of the sport's most prestigious tournaments. This extensive collection spans decades, showcasing key moments that have defined Wimbledon and enthralled fans worldwide.

Highlights from the archive include Björn Borg's epic five-set victory over John McEnroe in the 1980 final, a match renowned for its intensity and display of skill. Also featured is the rise of Steffi Graf, who completed her Golden Slam in 1988, and Roger Federer's record-breaking eighth Wimbledon title in 2017, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

The archive also includes Serena Williams' dominance, with her seven singles titles, exemplifying power and grace on the grass courts. Additionally, the collection captures the emotional 2013 victory of Andy Murray, the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years, a moment that captivated the nation.

Licensing footage from IMG's Wimbledon archive allows customers to incorporate these iconic moments into their projects, enhancing narratives with authentic and memorable tennis history. This access to premium content ensures a dynamic and engaging experience, whether for documentaries, commercials, or promotional materials.

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